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Unresolved World Problems Essay and Response

When the subject of unresolved world conflicts comes to mind, I believe that AIDS and other deadly diseases is the number one problem in the world right now. AIDS is a deadly disease caused by HIV viruses that target the immune system, destroying the vital cells which lead to immune deficiency. AIDS is a big problem because it is easily contracted from one another either by sex, blood transfusions, or drug uses with needles. In the early 80s AIDS was thought to be a rare cancer, but 20 years later it has come to be a global epidemic. Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest concentration of AIDS carrier, it is estimated that 2.1 to 2.6 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa have AIDS and I believe the death toll is going to be even higher if the problem is not resolved soon. If AIDS keeps going on as it is now, hundreds of millions of people are going to die, the “snowball affect” will make AIDS the number one killer in the world and it would be a lot more difficult to stop it later instead of now. I believe AIDS can be solved either by a cure or through education, because knowledge is power. If the uneducated parts of the world learn how to be safer and more caution about what they are doing, then the death toll will dramatically drop. Stopping the virus now is hard but if it is left ignored by the world the number of deaths will be devastating. Finding a cure for the virus is very expensive and time consuming, but if the world is more aware about the AIDS situation then it becomes a top priority on the government’s list.

I believe that poverty is also a big problem in the world today. I agree with Ryan Velarde’s essay because poverty does affect millions of people all over the world and we must limit poverty to the best of our abilities. Poverty has many cause and effects, for example if a village is unable to buy the necessities of life, such as medicine, food, and water, then they will not be healthy enough to work, leading an end to the village. Many of the affected areas of the world are places that are unclean for living conditions and usually the land is unfertile. Unsanitary conditions will lead to diseases and death, if a father of a family dies, who will be able to support them?
Life in poverty these days is a very difficult life to live. Always being hungry or thirsty because of lack of food and water everyday is something many people are going through. Many African countries suffer from poverty, because much of the land is not fertile enough to grow crops on. Another reason why some African countries are in poverty is because of the Anarchy cause by rebel groups and this makes it difficult for foreign countries to send help due to the dangerous conditions. Millions of people are dying from lack of food and resources but not enough is being done to stop it.
There are many things that can be done to limit the poverty in the world. Donations to the affected countries will help, but the government of those countries could also provide free school lunches, or things along that line to help out the struggling families. Rebuilding or upgrading homes and keeping the citizens safe from diseases and having a cleaner environment will limit the poverty level. I believe that more people will be in poverty if nothing is done to limit it.

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