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Unresolved World Problems Study Guide

Ireland was ruled by King Henry the 8th who broke away from the Catholic Church. The English and the Catholic Church went to battle then the English won the battles and took over Northern Ireland.

Current politcal state (ie, N. part of UK)
North Ireland today has a 2/3 Protestants and a 1/3 Catholic population, and the Catholics want the Protestants out of Ireland by almost any means necessary.

extremism (ie, IRA)
The Irish Republican Army uses acts of terrorism to scare the British into leaving North Ireland.

Reunification (who wants it? who doesn't? means what?)
The Irish want reunification Ireland and the British don’t. Reunification means to rejoin the North and the South.

III. Pacific Rim/ Trade
history(ie, Kennedy 1961)
The Japan were seeking aid from President Kennedy to rebuild their post war country. President Kennedy persuaded the U.S. Trade Negotiators to make trade with Japan, after 4 years the balance of trade was leaning towards Japan.

trade balance (in favor of who?)
In 1965 the balance of trade turned in favors of the Japanese.

IV. National Debt
national debt vs. deficit
Nation debt is the money owed and the deficit is the cost of interest on the owed money.

magnitude of national debt(possibe analogy)
The amount of the national debt is huge; it is almost 6 trillion dollars. It would take 733 years of driving 500 miles a day to equal to the length of 6 trillion dollars.

effect on future
In each generation the prices will keep going up, and the following generation will have to suffer. The generation that does have to pay off the debt will make about half as much as they would right now.

Basic facts from hand-out
AIDS means Acquired Immune Deficiency Disorder, HIV is the virus that causes AIDS in its last stage. The HIV virus attacks the T cells and destroys the immune system. HIV is believed to have originated from Africa and was believed to be a “homosexual disease" only.

treatment & research
There is no treatment for AIDS, but there are medicines such as AZT, that help peoplewith HIV live longer lives and AZT helps slow down the HIV virus. Scienctist believe that they can find a cure within the next ten years.

The HIV virus is thought to have originated from Africa. The first case of AIDS was in 1976, a female doctor who worked with the ill in Africa.

causes & prevention
AIDS is contracted by having unsafe sex, blood transfusion, used needles, and from “mother to child” birth. AIDS can be dramatically limited only if people were safer and if they just think before doing anything too risky.

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