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Andrew Kokanoutranon

Alexander The Great
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Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great Journal Entry

Alexander the Great was a great conqueror with a troubled pass. He may have conquered the entire known world at the time, but from his childhood, he had a very disturbing personal life. As a child, Alexander didn’t have a father figure in his life. His father was always out on campaigns, so he looked up to his mother.

As a teen, Alexander’s father, Phillip II, was killed. It was on the second day of his sister’s wedding, the criminal stabbed Phillip then was later slaughter by a hail of spears and javelins. From that point on Alexander knew he would have to take over his throne of Macedonian. This was a huge task to fore fill; he would have to fill some very big shoes. He had to deal with rebellions, economies, and invaders from getting into the empire. After a few years on the throne, Alexander conquered and crushed the Persian Empire. The fall of the Persian lead many of its citizens into Roman slavery.

Alexander became very cocky over time. He began think he was a god and he told his people he was a descendant of Hercules. Even some cities began to worship as though he was a real god. Then at the age of 33, Alexander died of a cold. Historians argued that he was poison by someone instead of just dying out of the blue. His death will still be a mystery but he will still be a legendary conqueror.

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