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Evolution of Democracy

The Grecian way of running their governments was a very influential part in building the American Democracy. The Athens used an early form of democracy to run their city –state, which was very similar to the one used today. From the time of ancient Greece to modern day, numerous ideas were used to help shape the American Democracy such as the 10 Commandments, 12 Tables, direct/ indirect democracy, the Magna Carta, Divine Right of Kings, and the Enlightened Thinkers. First off, the 10 Commandments shaped today’s democracy by creating humane and civil right laws. The 12 Tables were a sort of “common sense” and basic laws. Direct and indirect democracies are governments that differ voting wise, the direct democracy allowed citizens to vote for themselves instead of having an elective vote for the people, as shown in the indirect democracy. I believe that the Magna Carta helped create a healthy relationship between the government and the citizens in the American Democracy, it created fair laws for each of them to obey. The Divine Right of Kings influenced the today’s democracy by creating an allegiance to God, doing what they think is the right choice. The Enlightened Thinkers help create a check and balance system of each legislative branch of the government, by doing this they have eliminated the threat of having one branch stronger than the other.
I strongly believe that the Athens democracy best shaped the out come of the American democracy. This is because the American’s democracy is very similar to how the democracy in Athens worked. Both the democracy consists of voting rights, but only adult males were allowed to vote at the beginning of the American democracy. The Athens’ democracy evolved into a republic, which is used in today’s American government. In a republic, the citizens voted on representatives to speak on behalf of them. The democracy system now has a different face as it had had back in ancient Grecian times.

I agree with Kevin’s response to the influence of Athenian democracy on today’s American democracy. I believe that Athens’ democracy played a large role of shaping the American government today. The Athens invented the word “democracy” to describe its government system. Back in ancient Grecian times, the democracy was primitive and not as sophisticated as it is now. Also it was a bit different back then, only the adult males who have finished ‘military school’ can vote. Today, it is anyone with an American citizenship can have a say in the government. We have far more civil right laws than the democracy back in ancient times, but never the less the methods used in Athens democracy were stepping stones for the forefathers on the American government. The American forefathers mimic some of the laws and methods. I believe the American government is strong because of the 10 Commandments, 12 Tables, direct/ indirect democracy, the Magna Carta, Divine Right of Kings, and the Enlightened Thinker; Athenian democracy being the most pivotal example. All the other examples are still strong points of shaping the American democracy, but they aren’t as strong and important as the Athenian democracy in my honest opinion. Without the strong example of the Grecian democracy, America would be a different place, because they are so much alike but a bit more primitive. If the forefather of American were to make a strong democracy off the methods of the Magna Carta or the Divine Rights of Kings, the democracy may not last because it might miss some of the points use in the Athenian democracy.