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Andrew Kokanoutranon

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Leonardo da Vinci was an architect, anatomist, mathematician, musician, painter, and sculptor. He had began to gain popularity when he was appointed to Duke of Milan, there is where he created many master pieces, including ‘The Last Supper’ and the ‘Virgins of the Rocks’. After his apprenticeship Duke of Milan, Leonardo traveled around Italy and France, which was called the Nomadic period. During this time period, he painted the most famous painting of them all, the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is very popular because of the mysterious woman and her facial expression; it is thought that the ‘Golden Ratio’ was used by Leonardo when he painted the woman’s face.
Leonardo was also an anatomist and an engineer. He sketched detailed and elaborate drawings of the human body with dead corpses. Over the course of thirty years, Leonardo dissected, examined, and sketched over thirty male and female bodies all ranging in age. He was able to make more than two hundred drawings all together. Besides studying the human body, Leonardo was captivated by the possibilities of flight. He drew many blue prints of ‘early day’ helicopters and tanks, these drawings would later prove to be successful inventions.

Professional Life part 1

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