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Chapter 14 and 18 Webliography

The website, includes many subjects on the European Enlightenment. This website is comprises of about 12 main themes of the Enlightenment. First off, it includes the Pre-Enlightenment of Europe, The Case of England, 17th Century Enlightenment Ideas, Rene Descartes, Blaise Pascal, The Scientific Method, The 18 Century, The Philosophes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Women in the Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution. Each of these main themes includes a detailed essay and contains many pictures depicting the age and life of the Enlightenment. The essays within the themes are thorough and very comprehensive; the essays also include facts and themes not included in the textbook. The website also includes a ‘resource center’, which is a page that consists of other websites and books that contain information on the Enlightenment age. This site also includes a link to their world civilization main page. The main page is full of historic civilization that played a large role in the contribution of the modern world; the strong and weak points of a society are also included in the readings. Overall, I would use and also recommend this site to other students either on the Enlightenment age or other world civilization.

The website, includes the introduction, the main key concepts, and important figures during the age of the Enlightenment. This site mainly focuses on the philosophes and the other important thinkers of that time. The site tells about the idea and thought process that led to the creation of the Enlightenment period; without the help of the many thinkers, the Enlightenment would have never happened. This site attempts to stress the importances of the philosophes contributions and their help to turn the world round with new concepts and thinking. This website also has many pictures depicting the happenings during the Enlightenment period, the pictures and artwork showing many abstract metaphors of the time period. The site contains a long list of numerous philosophes, thinkers, and other important people that lived and/or contributed during that time. It also has a list of people who apposed the idea of ‘creative thinking’. This page also contains external and other internal links, the external links lead to other websites that are on the subject of the Enlightenment, and the internal links are pages within the wikipedia website that may contain more information on the Enlightenment. In general, this website is a very good resource to use on learning more about the Enlightenment age.

The website, consists of facts and detailed information on the Protestant Reformation. It includes a brief over view of the Protestant Reformation – the main reasons for it and the people involved – and a timeline that spans from the 1300s to the 1500s. This site consists of very numerous accounts and incidents that occurred within the 200 year reformation. It lists the important people and the events that happened to change the middle ages into the Enlightenment. Important people such as John Knox and John Calvin were mentioned in the reading. It also shows what the main thinkers did to move Europe in the right directions. The Protestants’ views on the Catholic Church and on life itself help create a separation and a sense of freedom of speech. The website also is comprised of many pictures and artwork of the important people during the reformation, each person was linked to the attempt of creation or destruction of the newly separated group of the Catholic Church. Overall this website is a good and resourceful tool in learning about the Protestant Reformation because of it’s detailed description of each character that played a role.

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