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Andrew Kokanoutranon

Journal Entry 11/17
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Glorious Revolution vs. Declaration of Independance vs. Rights of Man

Journal Entry

The Glorious Revolution, American Revolution, and the French Revolution were all acts of rebellion against a governing monarchy. All three revolutions were caused by unfair treatment of the country’s citizens; in the revolutions, the citizens called for a new system of government that had equal rights to all men, more humane laws, and more flexibility within the laws. In all three Revolutions, the rebellions were successful of the abolishment of the monarch or government, which then led to a newer and fairer type of constitutions. The new constitutions of the countries were very similar; most of the new laws were towards fairer conducts of the people.

The Glorious Revolution, American Revolution, and the French Revolution also had many differences. The Glorious Revolution was an attack on the monarchs by the people which led the government to check the power of the monarchy, create new cabinet and parliamentary democracy, and create the English Bill of Rights. In the American Revolution, the fore-fathers of American rebelled against British rule and created the Declaration of Independence, which created a more liberal constitution for the people and American proclaimed itself free from British rule. In the French Revolution, the people rebelled against the monarchs for a fairer rule. The Declaration of Rights of Man focused on more humane laws and the freedom of men.

The Glorious Revolution was the first rebellion to have a very large impact on the world. It was able to impact the Americans to revolt against the British because of unfair treatment from the British. The Americans followed the English Bills of Rights and decided they wanted their freedom from England. The American constitution was based off the Bill of Rights and the errors the British made in their constitution. From then, The French Revolution was influenced by the Americans’ rebellion and they copied the American constitution after defeating their current monarch. The French copied the American constitution because they believed it was the most liberal type of government.

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