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Pros and Cons of Industrialization

Pros and cons of Industrialization

It has been said that industrialization was an interminable process that has had multiple unintended consequences i.e. environmental destruction. It has also been said that industrialization allows us to light a thousand cities with our hands. Are the darker unintended consequences of industrialization overshadowed by the enlightened age we now live in, or have we forever drifted toward a dark age in which the world now perishes at an exponential rate? Remember, to sane people can disagree.

The Industrial Revolution changed the course of the future for the better and the worst. Industrialization brought new technologies to a somewhat primitive society back in the 1800s. The new changes and inventions led to urbanization and large industrialized cities that seemed to transform over night from small towns and villages. The newly opened factories created jobs for the people who have just moved to the cities from the farming life style. Goods could now be produced in massive quantities, leading to cheaper prices so that virtually anyone can buy the goods. It seemed that the pros of the Industrial Revolution seemed to out weigh the cons at the time, but the newly created industrial cities would soon learn that for something good that happens, something bad will soon follow; for example, the factory jobs were unforgiving and consisted of long hours. Children were put in factories to work long hours and were uneducated. Only the middle class and the wealthy were able to put their children in school. The pollution from the factories and from the way of life will soon create problems in the future.
In modern day, the cons of industrialization seem to out weigh the pros. Pollution and global warming is causing the Earth to change drastically. Even though technology and new inventions are being created everyday, the Earth’s physical state is changing as we speak due to years and years of not conserving our plant. We, the human race, are drifting towards a dark age which may be very difficult to get out of. If we don’t find a solution in the next fifty to a hundred years or so, the conditions on Earth will kill off all life forms; but I also do believe that technology and new inventions may be able to save us, depending on the speed of the technology growth within the coming years.

I disagree with Christian; industrialization will cause the modern world to enter a dark age. The coming Dark Age will be a difficult process to overcome, we, the human race may not even be able to defeat it. Even though the Industrial Revolution and industrialization itself created numerous amounts of new technology, the cons will eventually out weigh the size of the pros. The Earth is experiencing many changes already just after a little more than a century worth of human pollution. I believe that for every pro-item that was invented due to industrialization, has a ‘dark-side’ to it; for, example, the invention of the automobile and other gasoline consuming vehicles created a faster way of transportation, but in the long run, the pollution that the vehicles will eventually destroy the ozone. Another good example of destroying the earth atmosphere was during the Industrial Revolution; the British factories destroyed and deforested almost all of the woods on the island, and in the long term, the disforestation is a leading cause for global warming. The only way to stop the destruction of the planet is conservation and restoration.
I have to say that without industrialization, the world today would be much different. Without the electricity, automobiles, electronic goods, and medicine, the modern world would be drastically different from what it is today. If the forefathers during the Industrial Revolution used a different, more conservative, style in their inventions, then the world today would suffer less from pollution; for example, if the automobile was created with a different, clearer burning fuel, then the future generations would improve on that a pond that type of automobile. I believe that the industrializations did more harm than good in the long run.

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