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Middle Ages Diary

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Middle Ages Diary

Medieval Journal

January 21,787

My name is Clovis III of Norway; this is my first entry in my journal. I am a Viking living in the eastern end of Norway. My mother and father settled here before I was born. My father was a raider when he was younger; he told me numerous stories of ship bombardment and tales of the untamed seas. He told of killings and sea monsters that he had encountered during his tour of the Atlantic. My mother met my father three years before my birth; they married and settled down in this village in Norway. After I was born my father died from an unknown death, leaving my mother to raise me and my 3 siblings. Now I have matured and I am ready to fore fill my father’s death wish in becoming a leader of the Vikings.
February 10, 787
Living in this village on the earthen end of Norway is a difficult life. I work in a black smith shop at the edge of town. I make enough to support my family, but not much more. My two sons and my daughter work at home helping my wife run the house. I work from sun rise to sun down and I have little free time to be with my family. I wish I could leave my job and sail with Viking leaders to new lands to find a better life. The thought of moving to new lands scares and frightens me. Not knowing what lies ahead in the future and in foreign lands gives me a sense of hope that there a better place. Taking that risk can cost my whole family and future
generations a devastating bankruptcy, but as I think more about it I am starting to fall for the idea.
March 21, 787
A good friend and long time customer of mine invited me on a raid out in the seas. I have heard of raids being very successful and very devastating. I accepted his invitation and packed my belongings I said goodbye to my family, not knowing if I would ever see them again. The risk is great but I was willing to take it. On the journey, the seas were rough and filled with rain. When we caught eye of a boat afar, we decided it was the right one to raid. On the boat, 3 men with no weapons surrendered peacefully, we took most of the goods and left very little. We struck a fortune and when I came home, my family and I celebrated joyfully.
May 19, 787
I have just received terrible news of deaths in foreign lands. It seems that a group of raiders from Norway sailed to Portland in Dorset, they mistaken a royal officer for a merchant and taxed their goods. The royal officer took no pity and had the Norwegians behead after they were invited into the King’s manor. This incident scares me even more; I am now unsure wheather I should leave this place for a better life in foreign lands that I have heard about.
June 30, 787
I have just returned from a two week tour of the Atlantic Ocean. The journey was rough and hard, but I expected a more rigorous ship ride than the one I was just on. I believe that my family and I are highly capable of making this trip to a new land. I was told that the new lands were green and full of fertile land. I heard many good opportunities that are available to take advantage of the situation. I heard rumors that an expedition to this new land will be available to people who are willing to go. I have to make my decision soon or else the opportunity will past and I will not be able to change my mind after it’s too late.
July 21, 787
My family is suffering from the lost of my eldest son. He lived to be 19 years of age and was a bright young man. He and his fellow crew on a merchant ship were mistaken for a raider ship and they were captured and taken prisoner. After about 15 days in exile, they were tortured and then killed as a punishment for raiding their ships. My son had gone on expeditions before but this one was just an unfortunate accident. Life will never be the same without his presents around the house. My grieving period was long and painful, the thought of his death pokes at my heart every time I think about it, but life must go on.
Augusts 4, 787
Today I ask a good friend of mine to create a rune stone in remembrance of my eldest son. Rune stones are usually made to tell stories of great expeditions and sea monsters, but this time I decided to do something different. My fellow brethren is a well respected rune master, his work is well respected and is thought to be one of the best. The rune stone I want will have my son’s life story encrypted and will lay out by the shore where his bout set off on their last journey.
October 1, 787
I plan to leave to new lands in the very near future. I have yet to pack my belongings and the belongings of my family, but I’m mentally prepared to leave. After living in the same village for over twenty years, I have decided to move on to something that is hopefully better for me and my family. My blacksmithing business is doing poor lately, life is getting harder and harder by the day as my wife and I age. Moving to this new land will give our family benefits in almost every aspect of life. If all goes well, we will strive greatly.
November 30, 787
I have reached my final destination across the Atlantic to new lands with many ships. Cold air filled my nostrils as we land ashore onto this strange land. Trees and black earth spread across the horizons. We began to build new huts from the freshly cut wood from the plentiful forest of dense evergreens. By a week, we have erected our first building; it was a glorious sight to view. Many more huts were to be built for us to thrive.
December 21, 787
This will be my last journal entry; I have grown old over the course of a year. The expedition took a strain on my already brittle body. After years of blacksmithing my body grew in an awkward form, leading to a bad back. I have watched my family grow stronger and I believe our new colony will strive greatly within a few generations. The many families that came across the ocean were in search of a better life also. This opportunity gave us a sense of hope in a better future for our children and their children.

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