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Andrew Kokanoutranon

WWI cause and effect
WWII Cause and Effects
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Cause and Effect of War World I

Long Term Causes:
Imperialist and economic rivalries among European powers
European alliance system
Militarism and arms race
Nationalist tensions in Balkans

Immediate Cause:
Austria – Hungry annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Fighting in the Balkans
Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand
German invasion of Belgium

Immediate Effect:
Enormous cost in lives and money
Russian Revolution
Creation of new nations in Eastern Europe
Requirement that Germany pay reparations
German loss of its overseas colonies
Balfour Declaration
League of Nations

Long Term Effects:
Economic impact of war debts on Europe
Emergence of United States and Japan as important powers
Growth in nationalism in colonies
Rise of fascism
World War II

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