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WWI Webliography

World War I. February 2006

The online Wikipedia Encyclopedia is a good source for information on the Great War and its causes and effects. The Wikipedia website includes the pre-war struggles and conflicts presented on both sides, the Allies and the Central Powers. The power hungry allies on both sides of the argument insisted on going into war for their own reasons. This site includes all the countries that participated in the Great War and the important battles fought on both the Western and Eastern fronts. They go into detail the first stages of war and the struggles the soldiers had to face, including daily life, harsh war conditions, and life living in a trench. The details consist of the Ottoman Empire’s participation and duties during the war and the Russian Revolution, whose people over threw the czar and elected Lenin, who later formed a communist Russia. This site also provides information leading up to and after the United Sates entry into the war. They specify the major victories and loses on both sides in the second half of the Great War and the end effects the war had on the world. The Aftermath of the war is also included in the text, the causalities, cost, after-effects, and social trauma. This site also includes links to other partner sites on related subjects.

The Great War. 1996 - 2004

The PBS online timeline is a good source for research on the Great War and its causes and effects. The Timeline includes detailed and descriptive happenings during the war that may have changed the out come. It starts off first with the pre-war section, the pre-1914 era and its causes to trigger the war. Then it goes to the starting point and events during the war that happened. The timeline includes important dates and important battles during the 1914 – 1919 eras. It also includes a few photos of the war and the generals and leaders that were alive or fighting in the war. It includes treaties and other events that lead up to the war and post-events. The timeline also does a good job explaining and having information on the aftermath of the war. The timeline includes information about both sides of the conflict and how events within each nation changed the tides of the war. It has hyperlinks to other articles on important people and events, such as President Wilson. The timeline goes into the post 1919 era and has more information on WWII and other events in that time. Overall, this site is a good source of reference for anyone seeking information about the Great War.

Wars and Conflicts – World War One.

The BBC website is a great source for research and reference. The site provides descriptive articles about the war and how it impacted the lives of millions economically and socially. The articles are primarily based on the social aspects of the war rather than the other sites which had a lot of details on the war itself. The articles also include detail about the wars but are mainly focused on social events that took place during it. It shows how this deadly war impacted the lives of millions of people and the negative and positive outcomes. This site also includes the Middle East during the war and how it impacted the Allies and Central Forces. There is also an article on this site about the very first stages and battles of the war, which I found interesting. Another article is about the life of two friends who joined the war and their everyday struggles and hardships. Other articles include the complex alliances and relationships between the Allies and the Central Powers; and other articles about the leadership of the German government that lead to war. Overall, I think this site is a good source for non-descriptive information about the war.

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