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Vladimir Lenin
12345 River Drive
Simbirsk, Russia
February 17, 2006

Harvard Law School
Professor Green
Harvard Law
Massachusetts Hall
Cambridge MA, 2138

Dear Professor Green,

Harvard Law School is one of the most prestige law school in the world. I would be honored to attend an organization as well built and famous as Harvard. Being in this school would make my dreams some true.
Harvard law school has the highest level of education and I would be honored to attend your school. I have met all of your requirements and I have exceeded a few by far. I’m a virtuous leader and I am willing to work hard for a degree at your school. I am a great speaker and I have a power to persuade the millions with my speeches. I am also the president and leader of many political groups that are just taking shape. I’m sure that I have met all the requirements and I’m ready to enlist at your school.

I’m prepared for an interview with the head master. I will be able to make it at the interview at anytime of the day. Please contact me at any time and I’ll be sure to make your appointment. Thank you for offering me this enrollment and I would like to thank the head master of Harvard.

Sincerely yours,
Vladimir Lenin

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